I’m Trying To Get On

I’m Trying To Get On
Real Rap | Underground Hip Hop Culture

With the advent of Social Media, the need for a Record Label is laughable. You have the power within the palm of your hands
of a Record Label. Use it wisely my friends…

Real Rap is a series of common sense self-help advice hip-hop tutorial podcasts for the aspiring unsigned rapper, producer/beatmakers, singer, or any type of musical artist on how to become a professional recording artist, in today’s social media landscape.
• Underground Music
• Hip Hop Culture
• Social Media is your label, co-sign yourself…

Hip Hop/Rap/R&B/Trap/Boom Bap
Underground Instrumental Beats
If you’re in need of affordable high-quality Free Beats.
Consider visiting https://dssw.bandcamp.com
For a wide selection of instrumental music that will fit your needs.

Produced By DanStatus
412 – Pittsburgh – Pgh – Pa 

#hiphop #rap ##theculture #undergroundhiphop #undergroundrap


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